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Unrealised Concept

Director: Greg Eldridge

Set & Costume: Greg Eldridge



A dark and surrealist take on the story, this production recasts the members

of Society as monsters, representing their true selves. Amidst these chauvenists and pigs

the pure souls of Alfredo and Violetta find each other, even as Violetta tries to maintain

the name and reputation that has enabled her to survive in this world

Concept Document


An explanation of the main themes being explored in this interpretation of the piece


Set Design


A collection of reference images, stage diagrams and set sketches outlining the space


Detailed Staging Notes


A detailed narrative of all the dramatic action and specific staging and relationship choices


Costume Design


A list of costumes including sketches, concept images and examples from the period


Personnel Sheet


A listing of the complete company required to perform this production


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